OPI Starlight Collection (Holiday 2015) Review and Swatches

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OPI has taken an out of this world approach to this year's holiday collection, drawing inspiration from the stars and unexplored planets. The Starlight collection contains 18 shades (also released in Gelcolor) with a nice variety of colors and finishes. I love how OPI tried to stray away from typical Christmas colors (...even though there are three reds and 5 metallic golds/silvers). It was pretty easy for me to pick out my favorites but I want to know what YOU like and don't like, so make sure to leave me a comment when you're done reading this post!

*Descriptions in italics come straight from OPI
Love is in My Cards (above): This warm, romantic red is destined for me.
This red creme has a very slight orange tone to it and applies perfectly with two coats.

Ro-Man-ce on the Moon (above): Rendezvous in the glow of this lustrous, rich red.
This is a really pretty shimmery, metallic red with a great formula.

Guys & Galaxies (above): This maroon beauty makes my world go 'round.
I love this oxblood creme shade but it can apply patchy if you aren't careful. It reminds me of Visions of Love from the Mariah Carey 2013 Holiday collection.

I'm in the Moon for Love (above): Simply because I'm wearing this plum.
This shimmery plum has good opacity and applies easily with two coats.

Cosmo with a Twist (above): Subtle sparkle adds depth to this purple.
A blackened purple packed with purple and blue microshimmer. It's definitely one of my favorites in this collection and it was the first one I wore in real life (outside of swatching).

Give Me Space (above): Night-sky blue with room to sparkle.
This royal blue with silver holographic microglitter is one of my favorites because of how unique and mesmerizing it is. It definitely looks like a starry night sky!

Center of the You-niverse (above): Endless space black shimmer.
This charcoal black contains black glitter and silver shimmer. I don't even see the black glitter once applied but it does seem to add some dimension to the color.

Super Star Status (above): A spotlight-stealing silver and gold glitter.
I only applied two coats in this photo because the glitter seemed to cover my nail more in real life but three coats will work better.

I Drive a Supernova (above): Hitch a ride on this lustrous sterling silver.
I don't know why OPI keeps coming out with this color but it was easy to apply- not too streaky or sheer.

By the Light of the Moon (above): Silvery and sparkly... prepare to swoon.
This is the silver version of Baroque... But Still Shopping! from the Venice Collection and I've got to say that I don't care for either one. The chunks of glitter in the metallic base just end up looking lumpy and messy and kind of like I smudged my nail or something. Topcoat doesn't help to make the texture look better.

Comet Closer (above): May I take this warm, textured gold?
I can always appreciate a good, easy-to-apply metallic shade but this one doesn't really excite me.

Is This Star Taken? (above): Iridescent icicles fly in the smooth gold.
The holographic icicles in a metallic gold base make this shade... interesting. This one is not for me.

Infrared-y to Glow (above): Strike up the glam with red confetti and glitter.
I'm not used to the different shaped confetti glitter and I don't see much red in it.

Let Your Love Shine (above): Show it off in shimmery, red splendor!
This deep red is much more shimmery in person. The shimmer looks more gold in the bottle than it does on the nails.

Ce-less-tial is More (above): This pink super-glitter shines with heavenly light.
This is more of a champagne-gold than pink glitter. I love the eye-catching holographic glitter that's sprinkled in there.

Press * for Silver (above): This warm, rosy silver really calls to me.
OPI described it best... I love how the rosiness adds an antique feel to this shade. Be careful with application because it can get streaky.

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite (above): This rosy, golden is so right-on!
I like how the gray confetti glitter makes this shade edgy instead of girly. But I'm not sure I like the combination of different shaped glitters.

No More Mr. Night Sky (above): An assertive, dark, shimmery gray.
This smokey gray with silver shimmer needs at least three coats to get good opacity, but it's worth it!

Swatching this collection was very time consuming but well worth it! (Glitter galore + removal = pain in the butt.) My favorites are Cosmo With a Twist, Give Me Space, and Celesstial is More. I hope this collection gets you in the holiday spirit! Let me know what shade(s) you'll be wearing while you celebrate and thanks for reading! XOXO- Jessie

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