OPI Coca-Cola Collection

11:24 PM

Two iconic brands have joined forces to create the new OPI Coca-Cola Collection that released in June. Each color is inspired by a different soda within the Coca-Cola Company. OPI came out with 9 gorgeous shades, but for this review I unfortunately only have 6 to talk about. The colors that I DON'T have are: Get Cherried Away, A Grape Affair, and My Signature is "DC".

Taken with indoor lighting and no flash. I used two coats of color and no top coat.

Coca-Cola Red: Apparently, this color is an EXACT replica of the red you see on a Coke bottle.  No blue, orange, or pink undertones in this one. I would consider this shade to be a pure, bright red with a creme finish. 

You're So Vain-illa: Inspired by Vanilla Coke, this shade is a nice creamy light beige color that has a tan undertone with no pinkiness to it. This is darker than My Vampire is Buff and has more "color" to it. This is a great nude especially for medium to dark skintones.

Sorry I'm Fizzy Today: This peachy pink creme is also inspired by Vanilla Coke. I thought there would be some kind of shimmer or glitter in this color with the word "fizzy" in its name but nonetheless, this will be a nice summer color. I think this shade will look flattering on most skintones.

Green on the Runway: A green to brown duochrome inspired by Sprite seems to be a little out of place to me. I think OPI could have done a fun and bright green to match the color on a Sprite bottle. I could be biased because I'm not a huge fan of duochrome finishes (especially if they're a weird green) but perhaps this shade will be nice in the fall.

Orange You Fantastic!: This shade, inspired by orange Fanta, has a sheer orangey yellow base with different size orange and yellow/gold glitter in it. This shows up surprisingly well with multiple coats.

Today I Accomplished Zero: I definitely see the inspiration from Coke Zero in this color. It is a sheer/jelly black base that is loaded with dark red glitter. I love how you can definitely see this glitter in this shade because sometimes a darker base can decrease the intensity of the glitter. I would love to wear this shade on my fingernails during colder weather. 

Overall, I think this is a pretty good collection. The only shade that I didn't really care for is Green on the Runway but I think they released some great colors. Coca-Cola Red, You're So Vain-illa, and Sorry I'm Fizzy Today have definitely become highly requested shades at the spa I work at. I think Get Cherried Away would also be popular if we had it. 


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