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I have the best husband in the world! Why's that, you ask? Well, for starters he is patient, kind, funny, smart, handsome, and a good listener. Whenever I watch beauty Youtube videos or browse Instagram photos he always seems to remember little remarks I make about certain products and then surprises me with them later on. For Christmas this year, one of my gifts from him was a Best of Sigma Brush Set from Sigma Beauty! He noticed that my favorite beauty gurus are always using these brushes and knew they would be good quality and I would like them. He truly is so good to me! I could go on and on about him but you probably want to know some more details about these brushes so keep reading for an in-depth review.

This brush set can be purchased online at Sigma Beauty for $97 (free shipping on purchases over $50). It includes 7 of their current best-selling face and eye shadow brushes: F80 flat kabuki, P88 precision flat angled, F64 soft blend concealer, E57 firm shader, E38 diffused crease, E34 domed utility, E21 smudge. If you purchase these brushes as a set, you save $25.

  • F80 Flat Kabuki: This has a dense and flat head which makes it perfect for buffing out liquid foundation and cream products. I've used this brush with my Maybelline Fit Me stick foundation and my Revlon Nearly Naked liquid foundation and it did a good job. (Please excuse the dirty brush. I didn't feel like cleaning it just to take its picture.)

  • P88 Precision Flat Angled: This has a small, dense, and flat angled head and is made for precise contouring. This product would be good to use for concealing or contouring especially around the eyes and nose. I haven't used this one yet because I'm not a fan of contouring my nose but I will try it out for my undereye concealer.

  • F64 Soft Blend Concealer: This has a large, soft brush head with longer but dense hairs. This brush is best used for evening out and blending concealer in large areas. The way this brush is shaped reminds me of a finger and I feel like it gives me the same effect that I get when blending out my undereye concealer with my fingers.

  • E57 Firm Shader: This has a small, dense flat brush head and it is perfect for packing on eyeshadow in a controlled area. I love how small this brush is because my eyeshadows go exactly where I want. Most brushes are too big for my eyelids but this one is able to give me precise, intense application.
  • E38 Diffused Crease: This round domed soft brush head is perfect for diffusing and softening colors in the crease. My brush may have gotten a tiny bit flattened on its way to me because it appears to have a slight wedge shape that looks different than what is pictured on the Sigma website but I actually prefer it because it really gets into the crease for me. 
  • E34 Domed Utility: This domed brush head is perfect for intense color application in the crease or to add depth to the outer crease. I've even used it to smudge out a jumbo eyeliner and liked the results.
  • E21 Smudge: This has a small round and dense brush head and does exactly what it says- smudge color on upper and lower lash lines. This brush is short and gives a precise smudge application. I love using it to smudge brown eyeliner for days that I want to skip a total eyeshadow application.

Overall, I think this is a great brush set if you are in the market for one. There is a good mix of eye brushes but I wish it included some kind of cheek or powder brush to round out the face brushes. But I will definitely get good use out of each of these brushes and I'm excited to have them in my collection.

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  1. I love the F80! I have it in the Sigma Sigmax version. It's my favorite foundation brush--I don't know how I lived without it! I've been looking at getting their E21, since I don't have any smudge brushes and I think it would be really useful for getting on the lower lashline and smuding out liner.

  2. I have been looking for options for makeup brushes and never heard of this brand until reading your post. They look and sound great! This will have to be a splurge for me if I decide to get it. Love the design of your blog Jessie! :D

  3. Oh you lucky girl! I have heard many rave reviews about the kabuki brush, glad that it works out really great for you too!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. I love that F64 brush for when I'm working with clients, they love the airbrush effect it gives. <3 I love Sigma brushes but I don't think I own some of the ones you have shared. Thank you for the amazing review. <3

    xx Brigette |

  5. I just got my first Sigma brush in the mail today - a tapered blending brush. I'll have to give it a try & if I like it, this may be my next Sigma purchase. This seems like a great set. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love the tapered blending brush! That's another one that my husband randomly surprised me with and it was my first ever Sigma brush. I hope you like yours too.

  6. Ive been wanting to update my brush set and especially need that Flat Kabuki! Thanks for sharing x

  7. I still have to get a new makeup brush set and now I know which one to go for! Thanks for the awesome review. I especially love the flat Kabuki out of the lot!1

  8. I have never invested in a Sigma brush, but I have heard wonderful things. Maybe it's time I broke down! LOL

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