Review: Bellangé 10 Piece Kabuki Brush Set

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One thing that a makeup lover can never have enough of is makeup brushes (...I guess that can apply to anything related to makeup like palettes, lipsticks, etc., but you know what I mean)! When my favorite foundation brush or blending brush is dirty, it's always nice to have a backup brush to use so having too many makeup brushes is VERY practical. ;) I received three different brush sets for Christmas- Sigma from my super awesome husband, Sonia Kashuk from my sister, and Coastal Scents from my uncle. But the latest addition to my collection is this 10-piece Kabuki Brush Set from Bellangé. I received a generous promo code from them in exchange for an honest review.

It probably sounds ridiculous to some of you that I am going on my fourth brush set in the span of 2 months, but some of the brushes in this set are unlike anything I have in my collection. They feature a pretty black and gold design and each brush has a description of its function labeled directly on the handle. They are all made with synthetic, animal friendly bristles. This set also comes with a brush bag which is nice because most of my makeup bags aren't long enough to fit my brushes. The material of the bag isn't very durable but I think it's thoughtful of the company to throw in some functional packaging. The bigger brushes in this collection are very similar to Sigma's kabuki set which costs $96, so if you've been eyeing that set but don't want to fork over the money then these Bellangé brushes are the way to go.

(Brush descriptions from left to right)
    • Flawless Foundation: This brush is great for applying liquid foundation and quickly blending out my cream contour.
    • Beautiful Blush and Bronzer: It's perfect for blending out cream blush but a little too dense for powder blush unless you want to look like a clown. This brush kind of reminds me of a bigger, angled version of Real Technique's Expert Face Brush, so it may work well with liquid foundations too.
    • Fierce Foundation and Powder: This brush applies liquid and powder foundation perfectly (better than the Flawless Foundation brush)! I like to use this brush to buff my foundation on. It applies product quickly without absorbing too much, giving me great coverage. No brush strokes from this one! This brush is a good dupe for Sigma's F80 Flat Kabuki, which has a denser, shorter brush head with softer bristles (pictured on right).
    • Perfect Precision: I use this brush to blend out concealer/highlighter with a tapping motion but sometimes the bristles feel a little sharp/pokey. I also unfortunately had lots of shedding with this one. A makeup artist friend of mine loves this brush so maybe I should wash and condition it to make it softer and try using it again.
    • Magic Mineral Blending: I like using this brush when the only foundation I'm wearing is powder. The dense and round brush head gives good coverage but it takes longer to apply than a big fluffy kabuki brush.

      (Brush descriptions from left to right)
        • Perfection Contouring: I like using this to blend out cream contour when using my Nyx Wonder Stick. It takes longer since the brush is so small but it keeps the contour defined without being too harsh. The brush head is small, angled, and round.
        • Precision Contouring: The brush head on this one is small, angled, and flat. The bristles are a little too long and flexible for me. I tried it with contouring and didn't like it and can't find the best way to use it. It's a little similar to the Sigma P88 Precision Flat Angled but the P88 is a lot better with a denser, wider, and shorter head (pictured on left).
        • Precision Concealer: I didn't think I would like this brush because the bristles are long and the brush head isn't very dense, making the bristles very flexible, but it blends concealer out very nicely.
        • Precision Primer & Shadow: This one seems like a good dense crease brush but for some reason whenever I try to use it, it always makes my eyes itch and the bristles  are a little on the rough side.
        • Mini Perfect Precision: It kind of annoys me that there is a typo on this brush (it says "Percison" instead of Precision). This one is way too pointy and dense for me. I haven't figured out a good way to use it. But the description straight from Bellangé says that this brush is good for discreetly brightening up under eye area.

        This 10-piece kabuki brush set retails for $19.99 on Amazon but with their Love Your Look money back guarantee, you can return your Bellangé makeup brush set within 30 days for a full refund, hassle-free if you are not satisfied with their product. I think this is a great way to add variety to your brush collection, especially if you are a makeup artist. With the exception of the Perfect Precision brush, they are all very soft with no shedding. I would (and already have) recommend purchasing this set even if it's only for the bigger kabuki brushes.

        I would ask you what some of your favorite brushes/brush sets are but I don't want to get tempted to add any to my collection for a while so instead leave me a comment telling me how you clean your brushes, maintain the quality, and store them. I've started noticing dust settling on some of my less loved brushes so I am going to change how I store them soon. XOXO- Jessie

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        1. I have a brush set identical to these, mine are Jessup from eBay at £10! Great review though x

        2. These brushes look nice! As a beauty blogger, I"m not sure I ever have enough brushes, ha! I'm not sure I've ever heard of these before, but I will look into them!

        3. I love using Kabuki style brushes for applying foundation, the smaller ones look perfect for concealer!

        4. These brushes look lovely! I have the Sigma F80 and find that it is fabulous for my foundation and cream contour.

          Laura xxx

          1. Ooh, I haven't tried using the F80 for cream contour.. I'll be doing that today! THanks for the idea!

        5. Ohmygoodness, 4 sets in 2 months?! I love that!! This set looks really nice, I've wanted to try a Kabuki set - I actually bought a 4 piece set from IT Cosmetics in their sale yesterday but I'm tempted to get this one as well! It's so affordable and they look great!

        6. oooh, those look amazing for the price. ahhh! You're right, any beauty or makeup lover can never have too many brushes and you're a blogger, we have no excuse but to buy stuff. haha. :) Thanks for sharing and I think I'll definitely be giving these a try.

          xo Brigette from

        7. You can absolutely not have too many brushes! My favorite set is from It Cosmetics, the 7pc set with the stand. The brushes are so soft I just want to make a scarf out of them so I can have them up against my face all the time, haha! And of course, my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki is my HG. <3 I've never heard of this set--I'll check it out! Thanks!

        8. Thanks for the recommendation! These do look great. And when I hear something's on Amazon, I'm more likely to buy it b/c I'm an Amazon junkie. Haha