Review: Redken Nature Rescue Radiant Sea Spray

10:54 PM

The Redken nature rescue radiant sea spray has quickly become one of my top favorite hair products. It is a lightweight texturizer with time-touch fragrance capsules that releases a burst of oceanic scent when hair is touched. It's formulated with sea algae, aloe vera, and soy protein to help protect the hair and is also silicone and paraben free.  The scent by itself is awesome and lasts forever! It has a soft, fresh "sea" scent and when it's in my hair I can't stop smelling it (stay away from this product if you are sensitive to strong smells). It doesn't feel sticky or crunchy in my hair like many other salt sprays do. I also like how it has a fine mist spray which makes it easy to distribute through my hair.
The main reason I fell in love with this product is because it gives me the ultimate lazy girl way to get voluminous beachy waves with hardly any effort! I have a step by step tutorial below for how I achieve this look.

 How to get super easy beach waves:

1) Brush your hair to get rid of any tangles. I kind of hate brushing my hair (I feel like it leads to more shedding) so I usually use my fingers to comb through my hair.
2) Distribute the Radiant Sea Spray evenly throughout hair. I turn my whole head upside down and spray from top to bottom while finger combing it through to make sure it sprays on evenly.
3) This is the most important part! Gather hair into a high bun. You want the bun to be located around the crown of your head (typically where your part ends) or higher. You'll get more volume in your hair depending on how high the bun is.  This is easiest for me to do when I have my head upside down because gravity does the hard part on my long and thick hair. Twist the hair from the roots to the ends as you're wrapping it into a bun and secure with a rubber band. You don't want to make a messy bun or else you will get weird kinks in you hair.
4) Wait at least an hour for the sea spray to dry all the way and work its magic. Then, let your hair down and use hairspray if you want the waves to last longer. I like to do this in the morning before I go to work and wear it all day and then let my hair loose before I go out for drinks, dinner, etc.

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