Glitter Everywhere!: Top 10 Glitter Polishes from Butter London

12:42 PM

Happy New Year's Eve! Today is a day when it is perfectly normal to be decked out in glitter from head to toe. I have selected my top 10 favorite glitter nail polish shades from Butter London that I think are perfect to help ring in the new year.
  • Diamond Geezer
  • The Full Monty
  • The 444
  • Bit Faker
  • Rosie Lee
  • Chancer
  • Lovely Jubbly
  • Indigo Punk
  • Gobsmacked
  • The Black Knight
Continue reading for descriptions and close-ups of each shade.

 Diamond Geezer is a super shiny metallic silver with micro glitter.

 The Full Monty is the gold version of Diamond Geezer. 

 The 444 is a perfect full on gold glitter. This shade is opaque with 2 coats.

Bit Faker is a brown glitter that is a nice change from gold and complimentary to many skin tones.
 Rosie Lee is a pink glitter, perfect for a girly girl.

Chancer is a dark, true red glitter. This one is perfect for people who love Christmas so much that they don't want it to end.
 Lovely Jubbly is filled with pink, purple and blue glitter and is a perfect party color.

Indigo Punk is a gorgeous royal blue.
 Gobsmacked is an edgy gunmetal shade.

The Black Knight is a black polish filled to the max with rainbow glitter that is very similar to the colors in Lovely Jubbly.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe night ringing in the new year!

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  1. Hello Jessie! Do these dry smooth or do they have a sandpapery texture to them?

    1. You can definitely feel some of the glitter and some of them dry to a matte finish (like Gobsmacked) but if you use too coat it the texture shouldn't be noticeable

  2. Oh goodness me! I still don't have my claws on any Butter London's - USPS has mine hostage somewhere. I cannot wait, these swatches are amazing!

    1. The anticipation always kills me when I'm waiting for a package to arrive. I hope you enjoy your new polishes! Thanks for reading :)

  3. OMG amazing shades. i never tried butter London yet.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Beautiful! Glitter is my go-to all year around. I have to check a few of these out. Are they still available?

    1. I also think glitter can be worn all year long! These colors should be a part of Butter London's permanent line. :)

  6. LOVE the glitter! I've actually never tried nail polish from this brand before. And I like to spice things up with painting most of my nails matte with one finger with glittery nail polish - so adorable colors here! I especially like the gold <3

  7. Butter London is a really good brand, their polishes are always great quality. I love the look of glitter polishes but rarely ever use any because it's always such a pain to remove. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Yes they are! I still haven't figured out an EASY way to remove them but soaking a cotton ball with acetone and putting it on top of the nail for a couple minutes and then rubbing it off from side to side seems to be the best so far.

  8. not much of a polish user but there are some very pretty colors here!!

  9. I think Lovely Jubbly is my favorite of the bunch!

  10. Oh man, Gobsmacked is gorgeous.